These are VERY preliminary movies of the magnetopause and bow shock for the geomagnetic storm of July 14-15, 2000. Since the ACE and WIND spacecraft were having difficulties during this period, the solar wind parameters used here are Key Parameters from the GEOTAIL magnetometer (S. Kokubun, PI) and CPI (L. Frank, PI) instruments.

July 14, 2000 - large fluctuations in interplanetary magnetic field and high dynamic pressure

The Petrinec and Russell [1996] magnetopause model breaks down late in the day on July 15, 2000, as the z-component of the IMF approached -60 nT and high dynamic pressures.
Here we show the magnetopause model of Shue et al. [1998], which gives much more reasonable results in this parameter regime.

Shue et al. model